A nice day is predicted.

The forecast for tomorrow is supposed to be about ten degrees cooler
with lower humidity. Our growers will have okra, tomatoes, squash,
cucumbers, corn, potatoes and more. There will be golden delicious,
Rome, and Granny Smith apples and Asian pears along with water melons.
Due to the drought, there will not be any peaches or cantaloupes. Our
vendors will be selling honey, fried pies, ground beef, and delicious
regular and gluten free breads and cookies. Our great Vietnam Veterans
of America will be manning a booth to assist veterans of all ages
concerning the VA; these people have a great knowledge and have a
assisted numerous people. In previous entries, I mentioned that our
church, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church’s, North Jefferson Food Pantry,
has had many people in need of food and the pantry is in need of
donated items to help restock the shelves. The needed items are listed
in earlier entries and can be dropped off at the market. Please
remember to let our sponsors know you’ve seen TriGreen Equipment,
Cantrell State Farm Insurance, and America’s First Federal Credit
Union ads in this week’s information. Remember, there’s only one more
week of operation left in the season. please come out and support out
growers and vendors; make it worthwhile that they’re out to serve you.
See you tomorrow.