Monthly Archives: September 2017

This is our last week for the season

This will be the last week for the season. The knife sharpener will be
present sharpening knives, mower blades, scissors, and other garden
tools. America’s First Federal Credit Union will have their mobile
ATM unit on the premises. This proved to be a tough season for this
market with storms and weather against our growers. We appreciate
those of you that have been steady customers and showed friendship to
all involved with the market. Please let out sponsors, America’s
First Federal Credit Union, Scott Cantrell State Farm Insurance, and
TriGreen Equipment know you’ve seen their name through the
Gardendale Farmers Market. We truly are grateful for the friendship
we’ve built with these three businesses. Please come out so we can
show the growers/vendors that they’re appreciated

Two weeks to go

We have only two more weeks for this season. Lately, we’ve had very
poor customer attendance, so a couple of the vendors have found it not
worth their time to attend; however, we will have the growers selling
their produce. There will be baked goods such as a variety of breads,
cookies, and pocket pies, jams and jellies, hot dog vendor, and honey.
America’s First Federal Credit Union will have their mobile ATM
available. Next week, our last, the knife sharpener will be with us
sharpening knives, lawn mower blades, and other garden tools. Please
remember to do business with our three sponsors, TriGreen Equipment,
Scott Cantrell State Farm Insurance, and America’s First Federal
Credit Union; let them know you saw this memo.

Two more weeks left

After tomorrow, we have two more weeks before ending the season. Due
to the drought followed by the monsoon, the peaches have been
harvested for the season; watermelons will be plentiful. At the
present time, we’ll have kettle corn, jams and jellies, baked bread,
cookies, fried pies, and a good variety of vegetables. Tomorrow, we
have a new food vendor, Two Fat Men Catering, Inc. selling the menu
Lasagna and salad $ 8.00
Mozzarella Chicken and salad $ 8.00
Spaghetti and salad $ 8.00
Grilled chicken and salad $ 8.00
Pot roast w/mashed taters and veggies $ 10.00
Meatball sandwich $ 6.00
Mozzarella chicken sandwich $ 6.00
Chips $ 1.00
Catherine’s gourmet cheese cake $ 5.00
All plates come with garlic bread
We hope to see a good crowd tomorrow so our growers and vendors can
sell their items. Most of these people travel a good distance to serve
the citizens, and we ask that you support them. See you tomorrow.

We’re back!

We’ll be open today; however, we’ll be limited with our growers
and vendors for various reasons.