The market will open tomorrow

The market will be operating tomorrow on the parking lot of the civic
center. We intend to start no later than 9 AM, weather permitting;
closing will depend on if we have storms and heavy rain. We will not
have any baked goods or the kettle popcorn; the food vendor may
attend. There’s a strong possibility that there won’t be any more
peaches this season; due to medical problems, our one remaining peach
grower may not be able to return. I’ll keep you posted if this
changes. Because school is now open, there will no longer be
storytelling and the bouncy will be retired for the season.
Several people have asked when our knife sharpener will be returning.
Bill Woodard does sharpening as a Christian Outreach for the youth
group of his church at several different functions. Usually, he tries
to attend this market once a month. There’s a possibility that Bill
will be with us next week, August 17th; I won’t know until early
next week, and I’ll inform you when I get the word.
Please come out and support our growers and vendors.