Things look good for tomorrow

Tomorrow, we’ll have knife sharpening; bring your knives, mower
blades, and any garden tool requiring sharpening. We will have a food
vendor, Hammer’s Hotdogs, and there’s a delicious variety. We have
a new organic grower, Well Wishes Farm, who had a large choice of
different sweet peppers. One of our young entrepreneurs, Sister’s Go
Bananas, will be selling chocolate covered frozen bananas and
popsicles made from fruit. There will be jellies, jams, honey, chow
chow, baked goods, fresh eggs, non GMO meats, marinara sauce, and a
variety of fruit and vegetables. There will be story reading at 11:30
on the stage. Our Backyard Kettle Corn vendor will not be with us. Due
to the weather, Witt’s Farm will no longer be with us for the rest
of this season. Speaking of the weather, the local farmers have taken
quite a beating this year due to last year’s drought that carried
into this past May, lack of cold temperatures during the winter, and
the monsoon since then. Due to the storms, some of the markets were
either forced to close early or not open at all; thus, the
growers/vendors lost another means of selling their goods. Please come
out and support our growers and vendors.