Some Q & A’s

I want to thank those of you that attended the market last week. As
they found, we had to assemble on the parking lot due to the grounds
being saturated and there was concern that the vehicles would damage
the lawn. Some of the customers stated they’d like for us to keep
the market on the parking lot. There are several reasons against this
suggestion. First of all, the parking lot isn’t always available
because of multiple functions within the civic center requiring many
spaces. The heat can be twenty degrees hotter on the blacktop than the
actual temperature. When we used to set up at the K-Mart parking lot,
there were times that the temperature on the black top was between 115
and 120 degrees. We need to have access to electricity which is not
easily available. There’s not enough room for all the
growers/vendors. There were three groups that weren’t able to
attend, and there wasn’t room for them. So, we’ll be back on the
lawn tomorrow.
A couple of customers informed me that there are websites showing the
market hours are 1-5 PM. I contacted our IT division, and I was
informed that these are private websites and we have no power to
correct the hours. If we can be given the website address, the IT
division can try to contact them and ask to either have the time
removed or corrected.
Tomorrow should be a great day with a chance of afternoon storms.
There are watermelons, okra, peaches, blueberries, and a wide variety
of vegetables along with jams/jellies, baked goods, kettle corn, and
marinara sauce. Please come out and support our growers and vendors.