Let’s hope there’s no rain

Tomorrow is another unpredictable day and we’re planning on having
the market open. There will be knife sharpening with Bill Woodard. Our
young entrepreneurs, Kid Bakes, selling cupcakes and ice coffee, and
Sister’s Go Bananas, selling chocolate covered frozen bananas and
frozen popsicles made from fruit. We’ll have our hot dog vendor,
Hammer’s Hotdogs, selling a delicious variety of hot dogs. The
mobile America’s First Federal Credit Union ATM will be on the
grounds, too. This will probably be the last day for blueberries due
to all the rain. There will be a variety of vegetables and fruits on
sale, as well as baked goods, honey, marinara sauce and jams and
I had someone call me regarding green plums. I’m not a grower, so I
called those that are. I was informed that green plums are normally
harvested in mid-June and are no longer available. So, to answer the
question, there are no green plums.
We hope to see you after having to cancel for two weeks due to the
inclement weather. Please come out and support our growers and