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Library kick-off

Tomorrow is a special day; the library is celebrating their summer
kick-off. Below is a list of activities that are planned. There is one
change, and that’s the library will not be doing story reading
tomorrow because of all the other activities. Story reading will start
next week. John and Judy Burton will be doing a bee demonstration at
10:00 AM, and their daughter-in-law, Christi, will be selling
blueberries. I was informed that the Burton’s will have honey next
week. Here’s hoping the weather will be with us while everyone has a
great day. Please remember to let our three sponsors know you saw
their ad in our message.

Ooops! I forgot.

Bill Woodard, the knife sharpener will be present to sharpen knives,
scissors, lawn mower blades, and other garden tools.

Second week

Thursday will be our second week for this season. Last week, we had
nice weather, and it was great seeing returning customers and meeting
new ones. At the present time, the forecast for Thursday looks to be
another beautiful day.
Papa Murphy’s Pizza will be with the market once a month; they’ll
be with us at the Library Kick-off to Summer Activities (listed below)
next week, June 1st. Future dates will be posted. On the days that
Papa Murphy’s Pizza won’t be at the market, we have a new vendor,
Hammer’s Hot Dogs. On their menu are hotdogs, chili cheese dogs,
Hammer Dogs (bacon, bbq sauce, shredded cheddar). They have mustard,
ketchup, relish, onions and kraut as condiments and also have
individual serving chips, canned drinks, bottled water, and chili
cheese frito pies as an option.
Maw Maw’s Marinara Sauce will be with us, too. This is what an
Italian sauce should taste like. You have to try it, and you’ll love
it. We’ll have the kettle corn, jams and jellies, fried pies,
non-GMO meats and eggs, assorted cakes and breads, and fresh produce.
First Federal Credit Union will have their mobile ATM on the grounds.

Please let our three sponsors know you’ve seen their name with the
farmers market; TriGreen Equipment, John Deere Dealer; America’s
First Federal Credit Union; and Scott Cantrell, State Farm Insurance.
We’re very fortunate to be partners with these businesses.
We look forward to seeing you Thursday and appreciate your patronage.

Coming soon

Thursday is just around the corner. I’ve been informed that one of
our young entrepreneurs, Sister’s Go Bananas, won’t be attending
the market for a few weeks. The weather report is for a slight chance
possibility of rain and thunderstorms; of course this can change by
Another event is being planned at the civic center starting at 12:00
PM. Join the Gardendale Police Department, Law Enforcement Torch Run
for Special Olympics 5K Run, hosted by the Gardendale Civitan. Special
Olympic shirts will be for sale.

Young entrepreneurs

We’ve increased our young entrepreneurs to two businesses. Our
returning young ladies, Sofia (13) and Savanna (9), Sister’s Go
Bananas, will be making strawberry lemonade popsicles and strawberry
lemonade concentrate; both will be available sweetened with sugar and
“sugar free” sweetened with stevia so diabetics can enjoy. Our newest
business, Kid Bake, Shelby (10) and her sister helper Nora Kate (7),
will be selling cupcakes and savory breads. Both will be starting this
coming Thursday.

New info for opening day

On opening day, June 18th, we’re welcoming back our knife
sharpener, Bill Woodard, after his bout with cancer. He’ll sharpen
knives, lawn mower blades, and other garden tools. Adam York, Backyard
Kettle Corn, will be selling his delicious corn. More information is
yet to be entered. Two of our sponsors will be with us. America’s
First Federal Credit Union will have their mobile ATM unit available.
TriGreen Equipment, John Deere dealer, will have some of their units
on display. Please let our sponsors know that you’ve seen their
businesses on this Facebook page

Review of upcoming season

In the last entry, I gave the beginning date and time, and I
mentioned that there would be a change. We lost one of our bakers, who
made the fried pies, jams and jellies, so she could be a nanny for her
newly born great-granddaughter. She was kind enough to share her
recipes with our other baker, Wanda Bell, Sweet Treats, so we’ll
still have the fried pies. As for the jams and jellies, we have a new
person, Laura Clark, Sweet Home Chicago, who is certified through the
Food and Drug Administration and the USDA Food Safety and Inspection
Service Acidified Foods Manufacturing School, with the Auburn
University. Laura offers a wide variety of jams and jellies. I’ve
been told that the blueberries will probably be ready by early June
and the honey by mid June. Papa Murphy’s will be coming to the
market once a month, and the dates will be listed when we get the
information; they will be at the June 1st Kick-off summer activities.
The time for the children’s story telling has been changed from
11:00 AM to 11:30 AM.
Below is a list of some of the activities we arranged for now:
June 1st Kick-off to summer activities
1. Story time with library – 11:30 AM
2. Petting zoo
3. Yogurt Mountain
4. Face painting ($1 donation per painting; all money donated to
5. Children’s finger painting – police department
6. Children’s safety seat inspection – fire department
7. Bee demonstration – John/Judy Burton
8. Children’s inflatable (bouncy)
9. Papa Murphy’s Pizza
June 15th – Redeemer Presbyterian Church – Children’s activity

June 29th Veteran’s Recognition Program
Fund Raiser for the Southeast Blind Rehab Center- VAMC
1. Air National Guard Color Guard – present colors
2. Marine Corp League – Iwo Jima Reenactment
3. Birmingham VAMC Director Thomas Smith, – speaker
4. Mayor Stan Hogeland – MC
5. VAMC Blind Rehab Director Rose Zuniga – Guest of Honor
6. Story time with library
July 20th Farmers Market Activity Day
7. Story time with the library – 11:30 AM
1. Children’s inflatable (bouncy)
2. Yogurt Mountain
3. Fun source water Slide
4. Children’s inflatable (bouncy)