Things are going great

We’re now going into our fourteenth week with six more weeks to
follow. Lately, we’ve been getting hit with early afternoon showers
and storms. We appreciate those of you that are faithful customers and
we look forward to seeing you through next month. For those that
haven’t been to this market, we have chow chow, salsa, jam, jelly,
cake, cookies, fried pies, kettle corn, sourdough bread, honey, meats
and eggs from grass fed and non-GMO fed poultry and animals, a large
variety of in season vegetables and fruits. In last week’s entry, I
stated that peaches were coming to their end, and I’ve been
corrected on this. We will have peaches throughout the rest of the
Adam York, Back Yard kettle Corn, will be selling his delicious, and
habit forming, popcorn; Jane McKissack, TeKog Apiaries, has a variety
of honey; and Ben/Bethany Fleming, has the meats and eggs. We’ve
partnered with the Gardendale Papa Murphy’s Pizza who will be
selling slices of cheese or pepperoni for $1.00 each, or a medium
cheese and pepperoni pizza for $5.00. This week, we’re having the
Gardendale Quilters Guild selling chances for a Uv of AL and an Auburn
quilt. We look forward to seeing you this coming Thursday.