Five more weeks to go

We have five more weeks to go, and it’s been a super year for us.
We’ll still have honey; kettle popcorn; grass fed, non-GMO fed,
range free meats and eggs; and a large variety of fresh vegetables and
fruits; Papa Murphy’s will be selling their delicious slices of cheese
or provolone for $1.00 or a medium cheese and provolone pizza for
$5.00. Witt Farm finished with us last week. We’ll have the
Gardendale Quilt Guild selling raffle tickets for a Uv. of AL or an
Auburn quilt, and JV outreach, Jehovah’s Witnesses, giving out books
and brochures available free of charge in order to benefit the
families and youths in the community.
For those that are looking for our knife sharpener, Bill Woodard, he
had his first chemo treatment for colon cancer and it’s doubtful
that he’ll be returning for the remainder of this season. Please
keep Bill in your prayers. Our staff worker, Mike Long, had knee
surgery this past Friday and will be out for the remainder of the
season as well. Please keep Mike in your prayers.
See you on Thursday.