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Corrections for tomorrow 8/1/16

Due to other business interests, Papa Murphy’s Pizza will not be
attending tomorrow or next week. Due to a family situation, our honey
people, TeKog Apiaries, will not be with us this week either. As
stated in the last entry, Witt Farm is no longer with us for this

Five more weeks to go

We have five more weeks to go, and it’s been a super year for us.
We’ll still have honey; kettle popcorn; grass fed, non-GMO fed,
range free meats and eggs; and a large variety of fresh vegetables and
fruits; Papa Murphy’s will be selling their delicious slices of cheese
or provolone for $1.00 or a medium cheese and provolone pizza for
$5.00. Witt Farm finished with us last week. We’ll have the
Gardendale Quilt Guild selling raffle tickets for a Uv. of AL or an
Auburn quilt, and JV outreach, Jehovah’s Witnesses, giving out books
and brochures available free of charge in order to benefit the
families and youths in the community.
For those that are looking for our knife sharpener, Bill Woodard, he
had his first chemo treatment for colon cancer and it’s doubtful
that he’ll be returning for the remainder of this season. Please
keep Bill in your prayers. Our staff worker, Mike Long, had knee
surgery this past Friday and will be out for the remainder of the
season as well. Please keep Mike in your prayers.
See you on Thursday.

Things are going great

We’re now going into our fourteenth week with six more weeks to
follow. Lately, we’ve been getting hit with early afternoon showers
and storms. We appreciate those of you that are faithful customers and
we look forward to seeing you through next month. For those that
haven’t been to this market, we have chow chow, salsa, jam, jelly,
cake, cookies, fried pies, kettle corn, sourdough bread, honey, meats
and eggs from grass fed and non-GMO fed poultry and animals, a large
variety of in season vegetables and fruits. In last week’s entry, I
stated that peaches were coming to their end, and I’ve been
corrected on this. We will have peaches throughout the rest of the
Adam York, Back Yard kettle Corn, will be selling his delicious, and
habit forming, popcorn; Jane McKissack, TeKog Apiaries, has a variety
of honey; and Ben/Bethany Fleming, has the meats and eggs. We’ve
partnered with the Gardendale Papa Murphy’s Pizza who will be
selling slices of cheese or pepperoni for $1.00 each, or a medium
cheese and pepperoni pizza for $5.00. This week, we’re having the
Gardendale Quilters Guild selling chances for a Uv of AL and an Auburn
quilt. We look forward to seeing you this coming Thursday.

Pizza price correction

Papa Murphy’s will be selling slices of pizza at $1.00 each, not
$.50 each. Sorry about that.

Papa Murphy’s will be with us

Papa Murphy’s will be selling slices and whole pizzas; pepperoni
slices and cheese slices for $1.00 each, and whole pepperoni and
cheese pizzas for $5.00. We’ll supply either water or lemonade for
your beverage.

This is the 13th week

Tomorrow will be the thirteenth week with seven more to go. We really
appreciate those of you that came out during the intermittent showers
we experienced last week. We’ll have Adam York, Back Yard Kettle
Corn, selling his delicious popcorn; Ben Fleming, Stillwater Farm,
selling his meats, eggs, and sour dough bread. All his animals are
grass fed and with non-GMO feed; Jane McKissack, TeKog Apiaries,
selling different flavored honey; and others selling baked goods and
produce. Peaches are near the end of the season; apples and pears will
now take their place. Now that school has started, we hope to still
see many of you that have kept our growers/vendors coming back. We
look forward to seeing you.
As for Bill Woodard, the knife sharpener, he’ll be starting chemo
treatments next week. He has another non related issue with his back
which is causing him serious pain. He’s hopeful that his doctors
will find what the problem is so he can get relief. Please keep Bill
in your prayers.

The market will be open

The market will be open tomorrow, Thursday, August 11th. The main
difference is, due to the possible predicted heavy rain, the
farmers/vendors will be using their own canopies and tables, and there
won’t be a leader’s canopy giving out water and lemonade. Here’s
hoping Mother Nature will be kind to us.

Update and Q & A

Things have been going exceptionally well this year. I know that some
of you aren’t pleased with our change of hours. I’ve gone over the
reasons in the past about the storms that plagued us last year, that
we had to turn away people that wanted to shop during their lunch
hour, it’s not as hot in the mornings, and when we were opened until
5PM and 6PM, the amount of customers usually stopped coming around
4:30 PM. Unfortunately, we can’t please everyone.
We’ve been asked a few questions that I wish to address. First of
all, this has been a bad year for corn due to the high heat and lack
of rain. We did have a new grower that sold field corn for a brief
period of time. When his produce got low, he stopped selling for this
season. Adam York, Back Yard Kettle Corn, will be with us as long as
customers purchase his delicious popcorn. We still have a variety of
honey from Mark and Jane McKissack, Tekog Apiaries. As of last week,
we welcomed Ben and Bethany Fleming, Stillwater Farm, selling eggs and
a variety of meat; their animals are grass fed and with non-GMO feed.
Bethany bakes and sells a fantastic sourdough bread, too. Our young
entrepreneurs Sofia and Savanna Holliman, Sister’s Go Bananas, have
departed getting ready for school. As for our knife sharpener, Bill
Woodard was recently diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer that has
infiltrated his lungs and pelvic area. He’ll be starting on long
term chemotherapy treatments for the next six months. His doctor told
him that the cancer is treatable but not curable. Because he has no
idea how he’ll react to his treatments, we’re assuming he won’t
be available for the rest of the season. Bill could use all the
prayers he can get.
Starting last week, Papa Murphy’s has been attending giving out
free slices of pizza. Because of their grand opening this coming
Friday, the 12th, they won’t be with us this week. Next week,
they’ll be selling slices and whole pizzas; pepperoni slices and
cheese slices for $1.00 each, and whole pepperoni and cheese pizzas
for $5.00.
I suggest that you watch later in the week to see if we’ll be
opening. At the present time, the weather service has stated that
there’s a large front in the Gulf that has a 60% chance of storms,
each day, for the upcoming week. Here’s hoping that Mother Nature
has other ideas. We hope “all y’all” have a blessed week.

Eggs, meat, and bread

We’re now into the second half of the market season. This week,
Papa Murphy’s will be selling pizza slices for $1.00 each for the
whole day. We’re welcoming Ben and Bethany Fleming, Still Water
Farm, selling free range, GMO-free chicken, eggs, and pork. They also
have 100% grass fed beef. Bethany’s specialty is making, and
selling, sourdough bread. Sherry Evans will be doing children’s face
painting. We’ll have two of our sponsors, Scott Cantrell, State Farm
Insurance with a booth, and America’s First Federal Credit Union
will have their mobile ATM unit on the site. School will be starting
next week, August 11th, so this will be the last week with the
inflatable (bouncy) and story telling.
Our knife sharpener, Bill Woodard, was recently diagnosed with cancer
in both lungs. As of this time, he doesn’t know the type, stage, or
treatment, and will get the results later in the week. We’re asking
everyone for their prayers that Bill will be able to get a full
We look forward to seeing all y’all this week.