Ooops! My bad!

I have a few corrections to make. Lucy Siddiqui, the story teller,
will be reading the stories at 11:30 AM, not 11:00 AM, and she will
not be attending on June 23rd because she has a mandatory gathering
elsewhere. I mistakenly stated that Marva Hazelrig will be telling
children about tomatoes for this week; instead, Marva will demonstrate
cucumbers, squash, blackberries, and blueberries. With permission from
the parents, Marva will give out samples. Marva will be doing this on
the stage at 10:30 AM.
Tomorrow, June 16th, America’s First Federal Credit Union will have
their mobile ATM available. Chick-Fil-A will have a presence with a
corn hole toss game and their cow. Judy Bee’s Honey and Blueberries
will have their berries and honey. Our young entrepreneurs, Sofia (12
yrs old) and Savanna (8 yrs old), will be selling their chocolate
covered frozen bananas.
On the 23rd, the chamber of commerce and recreation department will
be sponsoring the petting zoo for the whole time we’re open. The
police department will be doing children’s finger printing, and the
fire department will be assisting with children’s safety seat
inspections; both units will be attending from 10 AM to 1 PM. Mayfield
Ice Cream and Coca Cola will be giving out free products. We’ll have
the knife sharpener attending as well as our sponsors America’s
First Federal Credit Union’s mobile ATM and Scott Cantrell State
Farm. John Burton. Judy Bee’s Honey and Blueberries will be doing a
bee demonstration at 10:30 AM on the stage.
Here’s hoping the storms stay away, and we look forward to seeing