We’re open today

Good Morning World,
Today, the market will be open. Most of the farmers/vendors intend
to be present. We will not have the canopies set up though, and most
will be selling from their vehicles. We’ll be open as long as
possible and will close if we get storms. There’s a possibility that
Adam York will be selling his kettle popcorn.
As a reminder, Bill Woodard, our knife sharpener, intends to be with
us the last day of operation, September 24th.
We still haven’t found our missing 5 gallon beverage container.
We’d appreciate it if whoever has it would be kind enough to return
it. It is plainly marked with “Gardendale Farmers Market’ on the
container, and “Gardendale Farmers Market” and “LEMONADE” on
the cover. If found, please either return it to the church or civic
center, or call the church at 631-6590 or me at 285-9170.
Please come and support our farmers and vendors.