Monthly Archives: September 2015

Come on out

Today is our last time for the market for this season. The weather
forecast is for a 30% chance of afternoon showers; let’s hope
we’re not in the 30%. Adam York, Backyard Kettlecorn, will be
attending selling his addictive pop corn; Bill Woodard will be present
sharpening knives, mower blades, and any other garden tool; and we
have a new individual, Charles Hicks, Bargain Town, sell
non-agriculture items.
I’d like to thank whoever “borrowed” our 5 gallon beverage
container for returning it. It’s much appreciated.
Please come on out and thank the growers/vendors for giving us fresh
goods this market season. We’d love to be able to thank each of you
for your support. We look forward to seeing “all y’all” next

Come on out

We have one more week before our season ends, and today’s weather is
predicted to be beautiful. Adam York, Backyard Kettlecorn, will be
with us today selling his addictive popcorn. Next week, Bill Woodard,
our knife sharpener will be with us.
We’re still hoping someone will find our 5 gallon beverage
container. I’ve listed what it has on t in previous entries. If the
container is found, please either call the church at 631-6590 or me at
Please come out and support out growers/vendors so we can have a
great last two weeks.

Update for today

Adam York will not be at the market because he’s concerned about
having to use power. Weather permitting, he’ll be with us for the next
two weeks. We no longer have anyone selling honey. Members of the N.
Jefferson Quilt Guild will be selling $2.00 raffle tickets for one
Alabama and one Auburn quilt.Again, we hope you’ll come and support
our growers and vendor.

We’re open today

Good Morning World,
Today, the market will be open. Most of the farmers/vendors intend
to be present. We will not have the canopies set up though, and most
will be selling from their vehicles. We’ll be open as long as
possible and will close if we get storms. There’s a possibility that
Adam York will be selling his kettle popcorn.
As a reminder, Bill Woodard, our knife sharpener, intends to be with
us the last day of operation, September 24th.
We still haven’t found our missing 5 gallon beverage container.
We’d appreciate it if whoever has it would be kind enough to return
it. It is plainly marked with “Gardendale Farmers Market’ on the
container, and “Gardendale Farmers Market” and “LEMONADE” on
the cover. If found, please either return it to the church or civic
center, or call the church at 631-6590 or me at 285-9170.
Please come and support our farmers and vendors.

We’re still open

Counting this week, we have four weeks until the end of our operation.
Due to the storms that seemed to hit us every Thursday, and the
drought conditions, the yearly sales have been much lower so far.
Please let everyone know that our last day is September 24th. In a
previous entry, I mistakenly stated that Bill Woodard, our knife
sharpener, would be with us this week. At this time, he’s now
scheduled to be with us on our last day, September 24th. We won’t have
our new kettle popcorn vendor, Backyard Kettlecorn, with us this week.
Our Christian outreach for this week includes members of the N.
Jefferson Quilt Guild selling raffle tickets for one Auburn and
Alabama quilts for $2.00 each and a member of the AL Partners for
Power will be seeking people to join their cause. We still have honey
for sale; there won’t be much more honey after this week.
As a reminder, we’re still looking for our 5 gallon Coleman beverage
cooler that went missing three weeks ago. As stated in last weeks
entry, the bright orange container is marked in dark black,
“Gardendale Farmers Market” and the white lid is marked “Lemonade” and
“Gardendale Farmers Market.” If found, please call either the church
at 631-6590 or I can be reached at 285-9170.
We look forward to seeing you at the market. Please come and support
our local farmers and vendors.