Monthly Archives: August 2015

5 more weeks

The weather is predicted to be one of the best days this season. Adam
York, Backyard Kettlecorn, will be with us today selling his addictive
freshly popped corn; likewise, Jim Johnson will be selling his
Gardendale honey. Jimmy Witt, Witt’s Farms, will no longer be with
us due to end of season causes. I made a mistake two weeks ago stating
that Bill Woodard, our knife, scissor, and garden tool sharpener would
be with us today. He will not attend today. Right now, he’s
scheduled to be with us the last day of operation on Sept. 24th, and
might come back one more time if he can schedule it. One of our
sponsors, Scott Cantrell, State Farm, will be with us today.
Two weeks ago, one of our 5 gallon Coleman beverage containers went
missing. This is one like we see when the football player dumps the
liquid on the coach at the end of the game. Like the one we see on TV,
the container is bright orange with “Gardendale Farmers Market” in
black on the orange side with “lemonade”, in bold black letters,
on the white lid. If you should see it please either return it to the
market, civic center, or call the church at 631-6590 or me at
285-9170. We’d really appreciate having it back.
We have five more weeks left, and we hope you’ll come and support
the farmers/vendors. See you later.

Last minute change

Due to a last minute change, our two entrepreneurs, Sofia and Savanna
Holliman, Sister’s Go Bananas will not be attending today. This was
supposed to be their last day. The weather is supposed to be just
great and we look forward to seeing “all y’all.”

New Message

The weather report sounds like a magnificent prediction, and we hope
to see a lot of customers attend. We’ll have our two young
entrepreneurs, Sofia and Savanna Holliman of Sister’s Go Bananas,
selling their chocolate covered frozen bananas; Bill Woodard will be
sharpening knives, mower blades and other garden tools; and our newest
addition, Adam York, Backyard Kettlecorn, selling fresh popped kettle
corn. Bill Woodard will be with us, again, on the 27th. Jerry
Carter/Jim Johnson will be selling their local honey. We have a guest,
Chris Nichols from the N. Jefferson Quilt Guild selling raffle tickets
for one Auburn and one Alabama quilt; the price of the tickets are
$2.00 each. Now that school is in session, we will no longer have the
children’s story reading or the inflatable. As a reminder, this
market will be operating every Thursday until September 24th. Please
let our sponsors know that you’ve seen our advertising for them. The
three sponsors are TriGreen Equipment in Fultondale; America’s First
Credit Union in Gardendale; And Scott Cantrell State Farm Insurance in
Gardendale. If you’re seeing this, please let us know at our command
post. We look forward to seeing you.

We’re opening

We’re taking a chance regarding the probable storms. Most of the
growers/vendors intend to be here. Bill Woodard, the knife sharpener,
will not attend due to a nasty leg injury; he hopes to be with us for
the next two weeks. Our Sister’s Go Bananas young entrepreneurs don’t
want to take a chance while using electricity; likewise, our new
vendor Adam York, kettle corn will not attend due to using
electricity. Come early because the forecast is for early afternoon
storms with possible heavy lightning.

New Message

With school opening, we hope that you’ll keep coming. Like last
week, the weather forecast was not favorable; however, we had one of
the best days of the season. Here’s hoping we’ll have another
spectacular day. Our young entrepreneurs, Sofia and Savanna Holliman
with Sister’s Go Bananas, will be back selling their chocolate
covered frozen bananas for the next two weeks. Bill Woodard will be
attending sharpening knives, mower blades, and other tools. Bill will
be back on August 20th, too. We have a new vendor, Adam York, Backyard
Kettlecorn, who will be selling freshly popped kettle corn. Jerry
Carter and Jim Johnson will be selling their local honey and honey
products. A variety of apples are now in season. With the opening of
school, there will be no more children’s story reading or having the
inflatable present. A representative from the North Jefferson Quilters
Guild will be attending selling raffle tickets as a fund raiser for
their organization. As a reminder, we’ll be operating every Thursday
until September 24th. Please come and support our farmers and vendors.
Also, please let our sponsors know you’ve seen their name on our
messages; we depend on them for their support for the market. See you