Veteran’s Recognition today

Today, we’re having an event for Veteran’s Recognition with the Air
National Guard Color Guard; Chaplain Keith Taylor, Navy Retired, now
working at the Birmingham VA, giving a brief talk on his duty in Iraq;
The Marine Corps League doing the Iwo-Jima reenactment; Mayor Othelle
Phillips and City Councilman President Stan Hogeland as MCs;
Gardendale’s Tiera Leftwich singing The National Anthem; and other
guests. The event will be held, rain or shine, at 12 noon. If Mother
Nature cooperates, the event will be held outdoors.

Bill Woodard will be attending sharpening knives, lawn mower blades and
other tools, and America’s First Credit Union will have their mobile ATM
unit available. Lucy Siddiqui will be reading patriotic children’s
stories at 1 PM.

At this time, the market will be opened for business as usual and will
open at 12:30 if the event is still going on. Our two entrepreneurs,
Sisters Go Bananas, Sofia (11 years old) and Savanna (7 years old), will
be selling frozen chocolate covered bananas and frozen plum popsicles.
Here’s hoping the weather will be with us today, and we hope to see you.