Tomorrow, July 16th

Once again, the forecast is for a hot day. We had another great week
last week. There were some new faces as well as many of our regular
customers. We really appreciate those of you that support the market
despite the high heat.

The Burton’s, Judy Bee’s and Blueberries, are finished for this season.
This means no more honey. Angie Beasley, Beasley Mt. Farm, will have
their delicious blueberries for sale. Our young entrepreneurs, Sophia
and Savanna, will not be with us tomorrow selling their frozen chocolate
covered bananas; they will return next week. Lucy Siddiqui will be
reading children’s stories at 1 PM under the stage roof; Lucy will be
doing this through July 30th. School will be opening the following
week, August 6th.

For next week, July 23rd, Brittany Pelfrey, from the chamber of
commerce, will be having bird houses for children to build at 1:30 PM,
thanks to Lowe’s; this is a change because she was initially planning on
doing it this week. Bill Woodard will be sharpening knives, lawn mower
blades, and other tools. On the 30th, the Board of Education will be
manning the Coke trailer giving out free soda, and there’ll be free
Mayfield popsicles. Doris Moody, from Laura Crandall Brown Foundation,
Cervical Cancer, will be present giving out information regarding the
foundation and cervical cancer.

We hope to see a large crowd tomorrow and look forward to the rest of
the season