Our 9th week of operation

First of all, the weather for tomorrow is questionable with a
possibility of thunderstorms. I’ll be monitoring the weather radar
throughout the morning to decide what our plans will be. If I decide
not to open the market, I’ll have a notice on this page, or you can call
the civic center, 631-5679, and they’ll know if we’ll not be operating.
If we get hit by a storm after we open, I don’t have access to a
computer to relate that information.

If the weather is in our favor, we will have a new honey producer, Jerry
Carter, Carter Honey Bee Products, who lives locally. He makes bee’s
wax candles and balm, and I’m not sure if he’ll have the candles or balm
due to the high heat. Lucy Siddiqui will be reading children’s stories
at 1 PM on the stage. At 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM, Brittany Pelfrey, Director
of the Chamber of Commerce, will have a booth having bird houses for
children to make donated by Lowes. Angie Beasley will not be attending
selling blueberries; however, Marva Hazelrig, Hazelrig Orchards, will
have a limited supply. Bill Woodard will be present sharpening knives,
mower blades, and other garden tools. Our two sister entrepreneurs,
Sofia (11 years old) and Savanna (7 years old), Sister’s Go Bananas,
will be selling their delicious frozen chocolate covered bananas.

Next week, August 4th, the McWane Center will be doing scientific
experiments on the stage at 1 PM. This will be the last time Lucy
Siddiqui will be doing the children’s story reading because school will
be opening later in the week; she’ll be starting at 3 PM. The
Gardendale Board of Education will be manning the Coke trailer giving
out free Coke products, and there will, also, be free Mayfield
popsicles. Doris Moody, with the Laura Crandall Brown Ovarian Cancer
Foundation, will be giving out literature and answering questions
regarding this terrible cancer.

None of our growers/vendors use debit card devices for purchases. There
is an ATM machine in the lobby of the civic center. Here’s hoping we’ll
have a good day, and we look forward to seeing you.