Children’s story reading

We’re trying something new with having Lucy Siddiqui, Youth Services
Head from the Gardendale Martha Moore Library, do children’s story
reading every Thursday at 1 PM. This way, the parent/s can do some
shopping while their children are being read to.

Last week’s storm raised some havoc with us. There was so much water
flowing, it resembled some of the flooding going on in TX. Due to the
weight of the water on the canvases of the canopies, five collapsed.
Four of them were next to each other and it resembled the aftermath of
the April ’11 tornadoes. We will be back in business tomorrow though.

Some of you have been asking when Bill Woodard, our knife, tool, and
mower blade sharpener will be returning. We have him scheduled for June
25th and July 2nd. America’s First Credit Union, one of our sponsors,
will have a mobile ATM at the market on June 11th. We’re planning on
having a special veteran’s recognition on July 2nd; keep watching for
further details. Please come out and support our growers and vendors.