We’re back

The Gardendale Farmers Market is back, and we start on May 21st. We’ve
changed our operating hours from 1 PM – 5 PM to 12:30 PM – 5 PM because
customers requested an earlier starting time. We’re still in the
process of looking for people that wish to do baked goods. We’ve lost
Chef James Jones, Kairos Katering, because they are no longer in
business, and Suzie Burkett, The Chocolate Biscuit, because her
restaurant business is booming. Wanda Bell, Sweet Treats, will be
returning by mid June due to some personal matters. Betty Brand, Sweet
Nectar, will be back with her fried pies, jelly and jams. We’re
welcoming two new entrepreneurs, Sofia and Savanna Holliman, Sisters Go
Bananas, who will be selling chocolate covered bananas. We’re still
going to be operating at the civic center. We look forward to another
great year and look forward to seeing you.