Thursday, August 7th

Today is the peach cobbler bake-off contest, at 2 PM, and is sponsored
by Witt’s Market. We have ten contestants that are competing. Chef
James Jones, Kairos Katering, Stan Hogeland, Gardendale City Council
President, and Gina Posey, manager of Witt’s Market are the judges.
After the contest, cobbler will be sold for $.25 a piece.

It’s predicted to be a hot day, so come on over early. Due to the high
heat and lack of rain, there will be no sales of blueberries. Suzy
Burkett, The Chocolate Biscuit, is still on vacation and Jeff/Cheryl
Fortner, Fortner Farm, will no longer be with us due to the weather.

Come over and support our local growers and baked goods vendors.