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Apple cobbler bake-off contest

We’ve changed the date of the contest from Sept. 18th to the 25th.

Gardendale Farmers Market Season
Ending Apple Cobbler Bake-off Contest

September 25th, 2 PM, at the Gardendale Civic Center, 857 Main St.,
Gardendale, AL.

$50.00 first prize
$30.00 second prize
$20.00 third prize

1. Registration and apples must be purchased from the Hazelrig
Orchard’s booth or at their stand at 64235 Hwy. 231, Cleveland, AL.

2. Pre-registration is required; the deadline is Wednesday
September 24th at 1 PM. See Hazelrig Orchard’s booth/stand or the
market manager if you have questions. Call Hazelrig’s at (205) 237-0929
or Jim Parola at (205) 285-9170.

3. There must be at least 5 bake-off contestants to have the

4. By 1:45 PM (sharp), the cobblers must be turned in at the
judging booth to qualify.

5. The cobblers will be judged on taste, consistency, and

6. In case of rain, the event will be held inside the civic

7. Professional businesses or bakers may not enter.

Today – August 28th

Due to the crazy weather, the scheduled sweet potato cobbler bake-off
next week has been canceled. Likewise, W & W Farms will not be
attending today because of a lack of produce. The main factor is lack
of precipitation and high heat.

Also, please remember to patronize our sponsors, Tri-Green Equipment,
America’s First Credit Union, Alabama Stone Works, and Scott Cantrell’s
State Farm Insurance. Tell them that you saw our advertising.

Please come out and support our local farmers and vendors. Hope to see
you later.

Tomorrow, August 21st

Due to the high heat and lack of rain, Witt’s Farm will no longer be
with us for the rest of this season. Hazelrig Orchards will have plenty
of peaches, apples, pears, and other produce.

Lance Lee, Director of VITAS Innovative Hospice Care, will be present
looking for volunteers for hospice and home visits.

It’s predicted to be a hot day, and I suggest that you come early. We
look forward to seeing you.

Regarding tomorrow’s update, August 14th

Suzie Burkett, The Chocolate Biskit, will not be returning due to loss
of help with her restaurant.

A little of the past and future

This past Thursday, we had the peach cobbler bake-off contest with ten
contestants. The contest was sponsored by Witt’s Market in Gardendale.
The three winners were 1st prize, $50.00, Hazel Butts; 2nd prize,
$30.00, Becky Brown; and 3rd prize, $20.00, James Boston. Our three
judges were city council president, Stan Hogeland. He had to be
escorted by two police officers fighting and screaming that he didn’t
want to be there (if you believe that, I have a bridge for sale); Witt’s
Market manager, Gina Posey, who would put any judge on the Food
Channel’s Iron Chef to shame. Her attitude was, take no prisoners;
Kairos Katering, Chef James Jones, who acted like a poker player showing
no response as he tasted the cobblers. We thank them for giving their
taste buds so much work. Our next two cobbler bake-off contests are
sweet potato, Sept. 4th, sponsored by Lawrence Calvert, and apple, Sept.
18th, sponsored by Hazelrig Orchards. The prizes will remain as 1st
place, $50.00; 2nd place $30.00; and 3rd place, $20.00.

Chef James Jones, Kairos Katering, will no longer be with us for the
remainder of the season. He did state he’ll be with us next year. Bill
Woodard will be sharpening knives, scissors, and mower blades this week.
If all goes well, Suzie Burkett, The Chocolate Biscuit, will be back
from vacation selling her chicken salad, pimento cheese, and baked

The weather looks like it’s going to be a little cooler than normal, and
we hope to have a good turn-out. See you then.

Thursday, August 7th

Today is the peach cobbler bake-off contest, at 2 PM, and is sponsored
by Witt’s Market. We have ten contestants that are competing. Chef
James Jones, Kairos Katering, Stan Hogeland, Gardendale City Council
President, and Gina Posey, manager of Witt’s Market are the judges.
After the contest, cobbler will be sold for $.25 a piece.

It’s predicted to be a hot day, so come on over early. Due to the high
heat and lack of rain, there will be no sales of blueberries. Suzy
Burkett, The Chocolate Biscuit, is still on vacation and Jeff/Cheryl
Fortner, Fortner Farm, will no longer be with us due to the weather.

Come over and support our local growers and baked goods vendors.