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Thursday, July 31st

For this week’s market, July 31st, Suzie Burkett, The Chocolate Biscuit,
will be on vacation for the next two weeks; this means no chicken salad,
pimento cheese, and her baked goods. John Burton, Judy Bee’s Honey &
Berry Farm, stated that the bees are on strike, and there’s a good
possibility that he won’t have any honey for this season (outside of his
honey, Judy). They and Angie Beasley, Beasley Mt. Farm, have an
abundance of blueberries though.

As a reminder, the peach cobbler bake-off contest is scheduled for
August 7th. The three prizes are 1st place $50.00, 2nd place $30.00,
and 3rd place $20.00. We need five contestants to have the bake-off,
and we now have four. Chef James Jones, of Kairos Katering, and Stan
Hogeland, Gardendale City Council President will be judges. Stan needed
some prodding; actually, he had his electronic calendar out before I
gave him a date. A third judge is yet to be named. On the 14th, Bill
Woodard will be doing knife, lawn mower blade, and scissor sharpening.

Come on out and support our local farmers.

Tomorrow July 24th

Wanda Bell, Sweet Treats, will not be attending this week’s market.

The forecast is for a 60% chance of rain tomorrow. Please check with
the civic center if you see it raining or have doubts. The phone number
for the civic center is 631-5679.

Today – July 17th

Suzie Burkett, The Chocolate Biscuit, will not be attending.

It’s predicted to be a beautiful day, we hope to “all y’all” at the

This coming July 17th and a reminder

The Gardendale Fire Department will be helping people with child safety

CHIC-FIL-A will have a booth with children’s activities.

As a reminder, Bill Woodard will be at the market on August 14th doing
knife and scissor sharpening.

Knife sharpening – Aug. 14th

Bill Woodard will be attending the market on August 14th to do scissor
and knife sharpening.

Peach cobbler bake-off contest date change

Gardendale Farmers Market
Peach Cobbler Bake-off Contest

August 7th, 2 PM, at the Gardendale Civic Center, 857 Main St.,
Gardendale, AL.

$50.00 first prize
$30.00 second prize
$20.00 third prize

1. Registration and peaches must be purchased from the Witt
Farm’s booth or at Witt’s Market at 2531 Snow Rodgers Rd. and Hwy 31 in

2. Pre-registration is required; the deadline is Wednesday August
13th at 1 PM. See Witt Farm booth/market or the market manager if you
have questions. Call Witt Market at 631-8283 or Jim Parola at 285-9170.

3. There must be at least 5 bake-off contestants to have the

4. By 1:45 PM (sharp), the cobblers must be turned in at the
judging booth to qualify.

5. The cobblers will be judged on taste, consistency, and

6. In case of rain, the event will be held inside the civic

7. Professional businesses or bakers may not enter.

Today, July 10th

Suzie Burkett, from The Chocolate Biscuit, will not be attending today.

Angie Beasley, from Beasley Mountain Farm, will be with us selling

We look forward to seeing you.

Senior moment

I have to make a correction regarding the upcoming cobbler bake-off
contests that I had on the May 18th entry.

July 23rd, the apple cobbler bake-off contest will be sponsored by the
Witt Farm
September 4th, the sweet potato bake-off contest will be sponsored by
Calvert Farm
September 18th, the peach cobbler bake-off will be sponsored by Hazelrig

I had the apple and peach bake-off sponsors in reverse.

The weather is predicted to be beautiful today; don’t forget to wear
your red, white and blue.

Blueberry cobbler bake-off contest canceled

Due to a lack of contestants, the blueberry cobbler bake-off contest is

See you Thursday.