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We’ll be open on July 3rd

Wear your red, white, and blue this coming Thursday, July 3rd, because
we’ll be operating the market. We’ll be running at the normal time, 1 –
5 PM..

We have four people signed up for the blueberry cobbler bake-off. We
need at least one more to meet the requirement for the contest. You can
still sign up at the Burton’s residence by mid day Wed. One of the
judges will be Chef James Jones from Kairos Katering.

We’re open today

The market will be open today. I’m praying that we’re going to be on
the 50% chance where it doesn’t rain.

Wanda bell, of Sweet Treats, will not be present today. This means no
brownies, cookies, or her specialty cakes. She will return next week.

We hope to see you.

Karios Katering will not attend this week.

James Jones, of Kairos Katering, will not be able to attend this week.
He will be back next week and will be one of the judges for the
blueberry cobbler bake-off contest. Remember, unless we have at least
five contestants, the contest will be called off.

Once again, Wind Creak Hospitality will have a van and will be giving
out free local AL cooked produce. Bring your appetite with you.

Debit cards/knife sharpening

Two of our growers are now accepting debit cards; W & W Farms (USDA
meat, eggs and produce), and Calvert Farm (Sweet potato and other

Knife sharpening is planned for July 10th. Information regarding
pricing is listed on the June 7th entry.

We hope to see you this coming Thursday, June 26th.

The upcoming week and answers to questions

For next week, June 26th, there will be a petting zoo, a bee
demonstration by John Burton, and a food truck, run by Wind Creek
Hospitality cooking local AL produce and promoting healthy eating; the
prepared food will be free. Scott Cantrell, State Farm, is one of our
sponsors and will be giving out water

Blackberries and blueberries can be picked at the Burton’s Garden. The
information on their address and. phone number is below on the entry
dated June 2nd, rules 1 & 2. For the upcoming blueberry cobbler
bake-off contest, scheduled for July 3rd, the prizes are first prize of
$50.00, second prize of $30.00, and third prize is $20.00. There must
be at least five entries for the contest to be held; if not, the
bake-off will be canceled.

For those that are interested in selling their produce, baked goods, or
crafts, there are no openings. We organize the market in early Feb. and
make most of our plans at that time.

Good, bad, and the ugly

The good news is that we had a perfect day this past Thursday. The
weather was somewhat muggy, and the sun and breeze made it all worth our
labor. We had what I think was the biggest number of customers since we
started four years ago. We appreciate your patronage.

We were honored by a visit from Don Wambles, AL. Farmers Market
Authority Director. Mr. Wambles was impressed with the way everything
was functioning and the flow of the customers. He was kind enough to go
to all the booths and introduce himself to those who never had the
privilege of meeting him.

America’s First Credit Union will have a booth this coming week.
They are one of our sponsors, and we hope you’ll consider doing your
“Refresingly unbank like” business with them. If you do, please let
them know you saw this.

The bad news was that we were forced to relocate due to the previous
rain and saturated ground. No one knew about this until just prior to
us setting up, so we had to make another choice where it would do the
least harm to the grass. On the positive side, it did give us more
exposure being so close to Main St. Again, due to the way we had to set
up, the growers/vendors were forced to be exposed to the afternoon sun
which tends to damage their goods. So, unless the lawn is under water,
we’ll be going back to where we’ve always been.

For those of you that follow these messages, you know that we were
forced to call off the blackberry cobbler bake-off contest due to the
heavy rain and lack of sunshine. Instead, the Burton’s will be
sponsoring a blueberry cobbler bake-off on July 3rd. The rules are
listed below.

Now, the ugly regards the hours of our operation. You’ll notice on
this website, Facebook, and our banners that our hours are from 1 PM to
5 PM. The banners are not cheap, so why would we have them exposed if
we were not going to abide by the opening time? I’ve had irate
customers loudly get upset with me for not opening as early as 12:25,
etc. I question these customers if they go to a large chain retail
store a half hour early (Sears, Target, etc.), if they give the store
personnel a hard time for not letting them in earlier? I really doubt
it. I can’t speak for other markets that don’t abide by their own rules
and open early. The only thing I can add is that I don’t manage them.
Please be patient with us so we can keep up the high quality service.
As I stated above, we appreciate your patronage.


1. Registration and blueberries must be purchased from the Judy
Bee’s Honey and Blueberries booth or at their residence at 1601 Downes
Rd., Mt. Olive, AL.

2. Pre-registration is required; the deadline is Wednesday, July
2nd, at 1 PM. See Judy Bee’s booth or the market manager.. If you have
questions, call Judy Bee’s at 631-2895 or Jim Parola at 285-9170.

3. There must be at least 5 bake-off contestants to have the

4. By 1:45 PM (sharp), the pies must be turned in at the judging
booth to qualify.

5. In case of rain, the event will be held inside the civic

6. Professional businesses or bakers may not enter.

Blackberry cobbler bake-off canceled

Thought the blueberry and blackberry bushes are overflowing, the lack of
sun and abundant rain has prevented the berries to ripen. Because of
this, the blackberry cobbler bake-off is canceled. In its place, a
blueberry cobbler bake-off is planned for July 3rd. Sorry for the
inconvenience. Also, due to the high humidity, the honey can not be
processed. John Burton will be at the market for any further questions
regarding these matters

James and Haley Jones, from Karos Katering, will be selling their
delicious coconut cobbler and peanut butter/chocolate cobbler.

The weather forecast looks good, and we look forward to seeing a big

Oopa, my bad

In yesterday’s writing, I mentioned to watch James Jones, Kairos Chef,
on WBRC Fox channel 7 every Wednesday morning and noon forecast; that
should be Charter channel 7, WBRC Fox channel 6. Sorry about that.

Knife sharperning on the 12th

This coming week will bring back Bill Woodard doing his monthly knife
sharpening. Bill does this as a stewardship for his church’s youth
group. He lists his offerings at $4.00 for knives and $4.50 for
scissors; however, Bill will accept whatever you can afford. The Coke
trailer will be present, and free beverages will be given out. A
representative from Clean Air will be managing a booth.

John/Judy Burton, of Judy Bee’s Honey and Blueberries will be returning
selling blackberries and honey. A blackberry cobbler bake-off contest
will be held next week, June 19th, sponsored by the Burtons. All the
information is listed below. Let’s see a good turnout for this.

We welcomed new arrivals, Suzie Burkett of The Chocolate Factory and
James and Haley Jones, from Kairos Katering. Watch James on WBRC Fox
channel 7 every Wednesday morning and noon forecast. They sold their
delicious varieties of cobblers and cook books.

Unfortunately, due to severe weather Bubba Wade, of W&W Farm, was unable
to get into his fields to pick his produce. Weather permitting, Bubba
will be back selling his produce, eggs, and USDA meats.


I’ve been informed that the blackberries will not be ready until next
week. Sue Bee’s Honey and Blueberries will not be with us until next
week. This means that here will not be any honey sold either. Sorry
about that. The blackberry cobbler bake-off will still be held on June