Monthly Archives: July 2013

Upcoming happenings.

Peach Pie Bake-off Contest – $50.00 first prize
August 15th, 2 PM, at the Gardendale Civic Center

1. Registration and peaches must be purchased from the Witt
Farm’s booth or at their stand at 2531 Snow Rodgers Rd. and Hwy 31 in

2. Pre-registration is required; the deadline is Wednesday August
14th at 1 PM. See Witt Farm booth/stand or the market manager if you
have questions. Call Witt Farm at 631-8283 or Jim Parola at 285-9170.

3. There must be at least 5 bake-off contestants to have the

4. By 1:45 PM (sharp), the pies must be turned in at the judging
booth to qualify.

5. Pies will be judged on taste (85%) and presentation (15%).

6. Professional businesses or bakers may not enter.

Upcoming happenings.

There will be knife, scissors, and lawn mower
blade sharpening on August 15th and 29th.

There will be a peach (? cobbler/pie) contest on August 8th.
Watch for further details.

We hope to see “all y’all”.

This week, July 25th happenings.

There will be knife, scissors, and lawn mower blade sharpening.

Rob Deerman, owner of Hers & His Plumbing, will be sponsoring free snow

Members of Gardendale First Baptist Church will be doing children’s

We hope to see “all y’all”.

Knife sharpening

Knife, scissor, and lawn mower blades sharpening on July 25th.