Ooops! I goofed.

One of our sponsors, Scott Cantrell of State Farm, will be present
manning a booth.

Petting zoo change

I’ve been informed that we will not have the petting zoo tomorrow as
listed earlier; instead, the petting zoo is scheduled for June 25th.
Judy’s Honey and Bees will not be available this week, and it looks like
they’ll be with us next week. Due to a family illness, there’s a good
chance that Marva Hazelrig, Hazelrig Orchards, will not be with us
tomorrow. Wanda Bell, Sweet Treats, is slowly recovering and might be
with us by the middle of June. Bill Woodard, our knife, tools, mower
blades, etc sharpening, will be with us June 25th and July 2nd. Keep
watching this listing for the weekly postings. Here’s hoping we’ll see
all y’all tomorrow.

Last minute changes

Due to the previous weather conditions, we won’t have our bee keeper,
John Burton, selling his honey and berries this week; also, three of the
other growers will not be available for various reasons. As stated in
an earlier post, Wanda Bell, Sweet Treats, will be back in a few weeks
due to surgery recovery. There will be five growers and two vendors
selling baked good. I’ve mentioned, in a previous post, that we have
our two new entrepreneurs, Sofia (11 yrs old) and Savanna (7 yrs old)
Holliman, “Sister’s Go Bananas”, selling chocolate covered frozen
bananas. Most of the growers will be back with us within a couple of
weeks. We hope to see you tomorrow.

New vendor and petting zoo

We have a new person doing baked goods. Wanda Gray, Sweetpea Catering
and Events, is making carrot cakes, peanut butter pies, pecan pies, and
apple nut cakes; sounds delicious to me.

Weather permitting, the Chamber of Commerce and Parks and Recreation
Dept. are sponsoring the petting zoo next week, May 28th.

Please come out and support our farmers and vendors.

Knife Sharpening, Story reading, and Inflatable

Bill Woodard will be sharpening knives, scissors, lawn mower blades, and
other tools this week.

The inflatable will be available for the children. Starting on June
4th, Lucy Siddiqui, Youth Services Head, Gardendale Martha Moore Public
Library, will be doing story reading for youngsters at 1 PM every
Thursday. This will give parents time to shop without having to be
concerned about your children.

Please come out and support our farmers and vendors.

We’re back

The Gardendale Farmers Market is back, and we start on May 21st. We’ve
changed our operating hours from 1 PM – 5 PM to 12:30 PM – 5 PM because
customers requested an earlier starting time. We’re still in the
process of looking for people that wish to do baked goods. We’ve lost
Chef James Jones, Kairos Katering, because they are no longer in
business, and Suzie Burkett, The Chocolate Biscuit, because her
restaurant business is booming. Wanda Bell, Sweet Treats, will be
returning by mid June due to some personal matters. Betty Brand, Sweet
Nectar, will be back with her fried pies, jelly and jams. We’re
welcoming two new entrepreneurs, Sofia and Savanna Holliman, Sisters Go
Bananas, who will be selling chocolate covered bananas. We’re still
going to be operating at the civic center. We look forward to another
great year and look forward to seeing you.

Last week for this season

This will be our last market for the season. We have six contestants
for the apple cobbler bake-off contest with three prizes of $50.00 for
first place, $30.00 for second place, and $20.00 for third place; that’s
a 50/50 chance of winning some cash. Gardendale Mayor Othelle Phillips,
Jimese Harkley, Community Liaison for America’s First Credit Union, and
Scott Cantrell, State Farm Insurance will be our judges. Come on out
and support our growers and vendors, and enjoy a piece of apple cobbler,

Today – Sept. 18th

Due to the lack of rain, and hot temperatures, W&W Farms will not be
with us today. Bill Woodard will be sharpening scissors, knives, and
lawn mower blades. Today is the last day to sign up for the apple
cobbler bake-off contest. It’s predicted to be a nice day temperature
wise, and we hope to see you. Remember, next week is the last time
we’ll be operating for this season.

Two weeks left

This has been a very hot and dry season. Some of the crops have
suffered due to lack of precipitation and the abundant scorching humid
heat. I was informed that when we did have rain, recently, the water
rested on the peaches by the stem and eventually rotted them. As a
result, there wasn’t any honey to be sold, last week was the end of the
peaches, and the hens weren’t laying the normal amount of eggs. Apples
are now coming into season and could use more cold nights to stay in
good production.

We have two weeks to go before the end of this year’s season. In two
weeks, we’re having our “End of the Season Apple Cobbler Bake-off
Contest” sponsored by Hazelrig Orchards. The three judges will be
Gardendale Mayor Othelle Phillips, Community Liaison for America’s First
Credit Union, Jimese Harkley, and Scott Cantrell, State Farm Insurance.
The three prizes are $50.00 first prize, $30.00 second prize, and $20.00
third prize. We have three already committed and one that’s stated
they’ll sign up this Thursday. We do require five contestants. The
rules are listed below.

Bill Woodard will be attending this coming Thursday, the 18th, to
sharpen knives, scissors, and lawn mower blades. This will be his last
time for this year.

pdf icon 070400104912.pdf

Outreach guest

Doris Moody, a staff member of State of Teal, will have a booth
regarding ovarian cancer this Thursday.